Thursday, June 14, 2007

Demetri Martin made me laugh when he said...

Cotton balls is an example of something I would buy, but would not want to have as a nickname.

This is my friend Leo, and this is Eric, and this over here is Cotton Balls.

Cinnamon buns on the other hand... yeah, I would buy those and have that as a nickname.

Excuse me, are you Cinnamon Buns?

You bet your sweet ass I am.


deb said...

Yer berry phunny, honey.


Maria said...

Oh, have set off a riot inside me here...

Let's see...

dream bar
licorice whips
pop tart
sweet tart
prune danish

I once knew a girl whose nickname was Pepsi. To this day, I can't even say that I want a pepsi as she was that revolting. I just say I want a soda instead.


You are a tease, missy.

Terroni said...

I don't know how they went. I honestly can't remember a single one of the 350 questions I answered. Right now, I'm just glad I'm done.

Anonymous said...

I've been told I have brass balls, but I've never been called "Brass balls" (all figuratively speaking of course).

Sassy Sundry said...

Oh, that test got to you, didn't it?

My favorite nickname ever was Sugar Britches. It was said in fun, and it made me laugh and laugh every time.

Terroni said...

I had the gangsta rapper name Biggy Smalls in high school--big nose, small boobs.

Charming, huh?

Susanlee said...

I have this stand up special Tivo'd right now but haven't watched it yet. I'm glad it sounds funny...cotton balls...hehehe