Sunday, June 3, 2007

My sister just called

She's pregnant.
Anyone know where I can get a onesie that says I believe in the separation of church and state?
Cause that would just be too cute.

In all seriousness, though, I have very mixed feelings about this news.
But, I truly look forward to watching my sister rise to this occasion with dignity and grace.
(Dignity and grace may not mean much coming from a woman whose last post was a novella about gas, but for whatever it's worth...)


Proxima said...

Funny, I just saw a friend today who was excited about being pregnant and I didn't even know she was seeing anyone!

I liked your comment to Pipe Tobacco. A person has to be a helluva amazing writer if they think they can blog on their own site and not do others the courtesy of coming over likewise. And if a person is that amazing, they should be making books and getting paid for it.

-P honest as ever

Terroni said... sister isn't seeing anyone.

More concerning to me, however, is that she isn't done with college yet. I will feel much better about all of this when I see that she is committed to continuing to pursue her degree.

Men come and go, but education is forever.

Susanlee said...

I know it won't help with your concerns, but here's a create your own onesie website. You can at least have the kid making all sorts of statements...

Melanie said...

at you can get a onesie that says 'Question Authority'. :0)

Sassy Sundry said...

I'm sure you can find something like that. I'd start at Northern Sun and go from there.

Proxima said...

How about a onesies that says "I'm with stupid", or would that just be completely inappropriate? :>

-P gratefully not inflicting my wisdom on infants.

CS said...

Also Cafe Press ( has all kinds of liberal slogans in onesies.

I hope it goes well for your sister - I delayed having kids until post-Ph.D. and although I'd loved to have had the energy of a young Mom, I never regretted finishing school first.

Maria said...

If your sister is anything like mine, go out and buy every damn liberal onesie available. And then, look like an eager puppy dog when she opens it (Do you like it, huh!!?? Do you like it??!!)

That kind of joy only happens in sisterville.

Terroni said...

Thanks for all the suggestions, friends!

(I'm not sure if I can get away with "I'm with stupid" but it sure did make me laugh--a lot.)

Anyway, with your help, I feel as though I'm now well prepared to create "the kind of joy that only happens in sisterville."

Mme Benaut said...

I love the "Yeah ... my sister isn't seeing anyone". Terroni love, babies choose their own time to come along ... but "if you educate a woman you educate a family" ... definitely encourage your sister to keep on studying - she's probably not the first to have her life interrupted in this way but anything is possible with support from family.
By the way - my little sister had 6 children with 4 different fathers. She's now nearly 45 with a 2 year old and instead of getting an education, she found God! Work that one out. You see, life could be worse ... is this your first niece/nephew?

.j.william. said...

my aunt had her first child when she was 20 and not even in college. at the time my aunt was (so I've heard) a bit impulsive and flighty, but then she got a bachelor's and a ph.d. and her daughter (my cousin) made sure to get her master's long before having her first child.

it can happen but at least in my aunt's case it took a lot of support from her parents and extended family. bon courage to your sister.