Saturday, June 30, 2007

This too shall pass...

right? The nausea I have right now is going to go away in the next two hours. I am not getting the same intestinal flu bug that made Lolita projectile vomit the other day. I am not getting it, because I am supposed to go to a picnic this afternoon. With potato salad. And I love potato salad.

So, I'm not getting the flu. This nausea will pass.
I'm eating that potato salad, dammit.

I'm off now. Going to lie down. Because, frankly, I don't feel so good.


Maria said...

You know, I don't think it is the flu. If it was, you couldn't even think about potato salad without wanting to die.

Once I overheard Liv on the phone with her friend, Constance. Constance was nervous about her upcoming swim meet (her mother really pressures her to perform.)

Liv said, "Think about your safe, happy word that we learned about in Montessori."

I realized that she was talking about a mantra! In grade school! One more reason for me to love her school....

So...think about your safe, happy word and then go eat some potato salad.

And come home and describe the picnic. I love it when you describe have an eye for the interesting.

dive said...

I'm so ashamed at myself for picturing projectile vomiting potato salad that I shall go dig a hole and put my head in it.
Sorry, T. I really do hope you feel better soon.

Susanlee said...

Ew...I've had that too...not the vomiting, just the nausea. I think it's related to the congestion in my chest though, but to avoid the gross I'll skip the details.

Cheryl said...

Did it pass? Do you feel better? Did you get to eat the potato salad?

I've never had the flu and hope this doesn't jinx me.

Carrie said...

Did it pass?