Sunday, June 24, 2007

When you project yourself into that destination, you can look back and see the footsteps, clearly. Tread the footsteps; they are going to guide you.

I plucked this from the comments.
I want it in the archives as a post I can always find and return to.

Thank you M.B.


Anonymous said...

what a truly gorgeous thought, thanks for posting it. i have a great pic of footsteps that would go with it nicely.

Maria said...

I tuck slips of paper into my drawers, into my purse, on my bulletin board. I once found a slip of paper tucked into a planter in my shed that said, "Sleep well. When the spring winds blow, I will be back to fill you with pansies again."

I have a box filled to the brim of movie stubs, matchbooks, dried dandelions and even a tube of lipstick that I wore the night I fell in love (someone totally inappropriate, but even that sort of info is useful and worth remembering.)

Save ALL the stuff that matters. When you are my age, you will go through it and realize how rich your life was.

Terroni said...

Wow I want to go through your drawers.

(Oh, I probably shouldn't say that to someone who's had a stalker, huh? Hope I didn't give you the heeby-jeebies.)

amusings_bnl said...

can i thank MB too?

Mme Benaut said...

M.B was so delighted dear Terroni. He does have a way with words and sometimes they are simply beautiful and poetic and at other times quirky and hilarious. Of his youngest daughter who is older than you I think, he said once "she needs to spread her wings, like gossamer things". He often rhymes. Anyway, you know that because you visit ADP!

Terroni said...

I love you both, Madame!